put macaroni and cheese in a red dress (pitadream) wrote,
put macaroni and cheese in a red dress

keeping on track...


To do right now:
1) talk with Michele DeLuca re: advise on how to continue writing career
2) mini projects: as I travel across the country-interview people and post to blog/website and facebook, students of the yoga studio community blog/website
3) writing jobs in cali
4) writing classes
5) think: news writing, journalism....internships..just be happy and keep writing and you'll get there.

1) Continue teaching, private lessons
2) Work, save money, and take mini trips to Colombia, Mexico, etc.
3) Learn Bikram and Flow en espanol, Chucho can help. This summer!
4) One day open up my own yoga studio
5) Just remember the peace my favorite yoga teachers give me, and give that to my students. keep learning. 
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