put macaroni and cheese in a red dress (pitadream) wrote,
put macaroni and cheese in a red dress

Thoughts on Whole LIving:

1. Allow yourself to experience the first delicious moments of morning. Wake up slowly. 2. Live in tune with your body; there is no single portrait of health. 3. Deep renewal comes from resetting your rhythms. 4. Your energy doesn't run out- it gets blocked. Find ways to free your flow. 5. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion. Keep yours moving. 6. Positive change aligns with your deepest values. 7. With each challenge comes new growth. Engage in rewarding efforts. 8. Share your strengths and be open to others' gifts. 9. There is no substitute for rest. Get plenty. 10. Surrender your need to control; let yourself be amazed.
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